Where do your products come from? How are the products made?
You’re asking more and more questions about ethics, sustainability and the production of our products – and we love it!
That’s why we’ve put together this short overview and give you a little more info on production, packaging and shipping.

Sourcing & Production
As a retail boutique reselling different brands, we don’t have a direct influence and insight into the production of all the products. But together with the labels we work with, we want to approach the topic of sustainability and ethical production in a very simple way: with small orders and production volumes that harm neither the environment nor the workers. Some of our brands do their part in having local sources and productions and using recycled fibers in their materials. We are happy to give you specific info on a particular product or brand via email.

To us at LZ, it is super important to keep our shipping packaging largely free of plastic. Plastic is one of the biggest challenges we are facing in online shopping and the clothing industry – and as a startup, we also want to make a change, even if we have to approach it with baby steps. Our products are wrapped in paper, not sealed in plastic bags and we also ask our supplying brands to only ship their products in as little plastic as possible.

All of those who have ordered at LEAH ZOE before, know that we only ship upon receiving the payment and that in case of a return, the customer covers the return shipping expenses. And we don’t do that to annoy you! In online shopping, customers already expect free delivery and returns while the negative effects on our environment are mostly being ignored. And that’s not how we roll. Our approach: With good product photography, size charts and guides as well as info about cuts and fitting for the particular products we can provide help for the purchase and thereby reduce the number of return shipments immensely.

For more info about one specific product or brand,
please send an email to hello@leahzoe.com and we will help you with all your questions.